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免「廢」.冬營遊Winter Camp 2019: Zero Waste

Date & Time:
2 January 2019, Wednesday - 4 January 2019, Friday
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Ms Sherman LO , Email: shermanlo@ust.hk

The theme of this year is Zero Waste and we will be visiting Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park and EcoPark.  In Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park, a protected area that contains 60 types of hard coral and 120 species of coral, students will have chance to experience the beauty of marine life and learn more about the local marine diversity.  EcoPark, Hong Kong’s first recycling-business park, aims to promote the turning of waste into resources by returning recyclable materials to the production line and consumption loop, promoting the development of the local environmental and recycling industry. We hope students would be able to analyze critically from different stakeholder perspectives on waste reduction at the end of the camp.