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Major Selection Exercise - IPO Majors Week & Program Talks 2017

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20 February - 10 March, 3 - 7 April 2017
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Mr Matthew Chik, Email: mattchik@ust.hk, Tel: 3469 2071

IPO is going to organize the “IPO Majors Week and Program Talks” in late-Feb to early Mar and in early Apr 2017. 

Interdisciplinary programs offer educational activities that cannot be accomplished solely by any single department. They create education value by exposing students to complex issues that require analysis from multiple perspectives. The following interdisciplinary undergraduate programs are currently being offered:

*to be admitted in Spring 2018

Poster panels and information booths will be set up at the below periods and locations to let you know more about the interdisciplinary undergraduate programs offered by IPO.  

20 – 28 February at LT-B

1-10 March at LT-A

3-7 April at LT-A

You can meet the Program Director / UG Program Coordinators by joining the following Program Talks. IPO staff and current IPO students will be there to answer your enquiries and share their experience with you!

Program Venue Date Time
T&M-DDP Rm 2304 (Lift 17/18) 6 Mar (Mon) 1-2pm
  Rm 2304 (Lift 17/18) 7 Mar (Tue) 6-7pm
IIM* Rm 2304 (Lift 17/18) 8 Mar (Wed) 6-7pm
EVMT Rm 4380 (Lift 17/18) 9 Mar (Thu) 1-2pm
  Rm 4380 (Lift 17/18) 9 Mar (Thu) 6-7pm
RMBI Rm 2304 (Lift 17/18) 9 Mar (Thu) 1-2pm
  Rm 2304 (Lift 17/18) 10 Mar (Fri) 1-2pm

* For admission in Spring 2018 ONLY

Online registration is now opened here. Each IPO Program (except IIM) will have two identical sessions, you could choose to attend any one of them.

For details of application, please visit ipo.ust.hk/sba.