What's Happening in IPO

29 Dec 2019

Hong Kong’s ‘revolution of our times’ should focus on climate change

Prof. Christine LOH,Chief Development Strategist of Division of Environment and Sustainability (ENVR), shared her insights in an article on green bonds. She believes that the HK government should explore more green investment options such as blue bonds, thus making HK a hub for green capital.

27 Dec 2019

Bringing New Hope to Improvement of Hazy Air Pollution

A research team led by Prof. YU Jianzhen, Professor at Division of Environment and Sustainability (ENVR) and Department of Chemistry, unveiled a first-in-kind study of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and its role in the rise and fall of airborne sulfates in hazy air pollution, offering policymakers new insights into ways to tackle smoggy weather.

23 Dec 2019

Can PH, rest of world shift to 100% renewable energy?

Prof. Laurence DELINA, Assistant Professor of Division of Environment and Sustainability was interviewed by ABS-CBN News. He shared how he moved from civil engineering to sustainability science and his views on how his country - the Philippines, should develop a decentralized sustainable and renewable energy system.

5 Nov 2019

International conference to seek policies to maximize GBA opportunities

Prof. Stuart GIETEL-BASTEN, Professor of Division of Public Policy (PPOL) delivered a keynote speech in the International Conference of Social Policy and Governance Innovation and shared some of the main demographic challenges faced by GBA.

23 Oct 2019

Balancing Economic Development and Ecological Conservation in Greater Bay Area

Prof. QI Ye, Director of Institute for Public Policy (IPP) joined the 3rd 21st Century Maritime Silk Road China (GD) International Communication Forum and expressed his view on Greater Bay Area's economic development on Southcn.com.

17 Oct 2019

Ecological Environment Protection in GBA

Prof. Alexis LAU, Professor of Division of Environment and Sustainability (ENVR) shared his insights on ecological environment protection in GBA on Xihua.com