What's Happening in IPO

3 Sep 2019

PRIASE-HK a mobile app launched by Institute for the Environment (IENV)

Prof. Jimmy FUNG, Director of Institute for the Environment (IENV) and Prof. NING Zhi, Assistant Professor of Division of Environment and Sustainability (ENVR) introduced the mobile app PRAISE-HK launched by IENV, which provides real-time and projected information on air quality and health risk down to street level in a TV program on HK’s air pollution and regulations.

3 Sep 2019

Volkswagen Appoints Professor Ye QI to Sustainability Advisory Council

Prof. Ye QI, Director of Institute for Public Policy (IPP) was appointed as a member of Volkswagen Group’s Independent Sustainability Advisory Council to advise the group on strategic sustainability and social responsibility issues.

3 Sep 2019

The Hong Kong protests are a political crisis – and a huge opportunity for the government

Article by Prof. Donald LOW, Director of Leadership and Public Policy Executive Education (LAPP) on the recent anti-extradition bill protests, which he described as a chance for the HKSAR government to embark on far-reaching socioeconomic policy and institutional reforms.

26 Aug 2019

HK set for worst of it amid climate change

Article by Prof. IM Eun Soon, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Division of Environment and Sustainability, at The Standard

16 Aug 2019

To learn science without boundaries

Prof. King CHOW, Director of IPO, along with CUHK School of Education Dr. Victor LAU, two secondary school teachers and three high school winners of the International Biology Olympiad who were trained by them, shared how important it is to stimulate youngsters’ interest in science and learning, instead of just merely training their skills for the purpose of obtaining good grades.

1 Aug 2019

If Hong Kong protesters have a dream, they need their own Martin Luther King to realise it

Article by Prof. Michael EDESESS, Adjunct Associate Professor of Division of Environment and Sustainability at South China Morning Post