What's Happening in IPO

21 Jan 2019

“Growth Hacking for Gillette” – Corporate Project Sponsored by Proctor & Gamble Hong Kong Household Brands Executive

With the support from Proctor & Gamble Hong Kong Household Brands executive, 2018 Fall term’s corporate-sponsored project challenged student-consultants to grow Gillette business in Hong Kong, under the backdrop of 3-years of revenue decline. This is a real challenge faced by many global brands, like Gillette, which have enjoyed global domination for decades. The project was designed to use experiential learning for students to solve complex real-world problems like managing a multi-million-dollar consumer brand through strategic and tactical planning, and executive communication.

19 Dec 2018

T&M-DDP Student was Awarded Prof Edmond Ko Scholarships for Student Mentoring

Felicia SAMIN, Year 4 student of Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management, was awarded Prof Edmond Ko Scholarships for Student Mentoring with her achievement and dedication in peer mentoring.

18 Dec 2018

IPO's 2018 Year in Review!

It's almost the end of 2018. Time for IPO's 2018 Year in Review! Starting from tomorrow, we'll publish one post a day on our website, Facebook & Instagram. Stay tuned! W: www.ipo.ust.hk FB: ipo.hkust IG: hkust.ipo

17 Dec 2018

Dualers V.S. Wild– T&M-DDP Survival Camp 2018

Nearly 50 new students of T&M-DDP survived and felt accomplished in the survival camp held in September 2018 at Sai Wan, Sai Kung, by completing various tasks at the wilderness.

14 Dec 2018

"REMAKE" Promotes Reduction in E-waste

Angel OR, Year 2 student of Environmental Management and Technology Program, co-founded a student-initiated team "REMAKE" with two other HKUST students, Fernando and Mashiat. The team regularly holds "REMAKE Repair Party” where all HKUST members can come with their broken devices and have them repaired. They aim at promoting reduction in E-Waste and the Right to Repair by hosting bi-monthly Repair Parties. During the Repair Party, participants can have a chance to learn fixing and have their devices fixed for free of service charge.

12 Dec 2018

Exam Cheering Free Fruit Giveaway

In order to give you support and more vitamin C and dietary fiber during the exam period, IPO will provide free fruit to IPO students in the coming 2 weeks (10-20 Dec, Mon – Fri). Daily selected fresh fruit will be provided in IPO Learning Commons A (Room 4380, Lift 17/18) and you are welcome to collect it from 12nn. The fruit will be provided in first come first served basis.