What's Happening in IPO

13 Jan 2015

The 9th International T&M Business Plan Competition (TEMG4950N)

The 9th International Technology & Management Business Plan Competition was held on 4 - 13 Jan 2015 at Silicon Valley, California, USA. 18 students from Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management worked with peers from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA, and University of Bayreuth, Germany, to develop and present their business plans on Automative and Information Communication technologies.

3 Dec 2014

Explore the World of Financial Crime Risk in Standard Chartered Bank

Top management from Standard Chartered Bank shared the work experience of anti-bribery & corruption and anti-money laundry as well as the Bank’s recruitment assessment process with students.

26 Nov 2014

Final Presentation of Corporate Project with HARMAN (TEMG4950M)

TEMG4950M "Product Innovation for Harman Home & Multimedia Systems" is a corporate –sponsored project by HARMAN International for students to get hands-on experience with the early stages of new product development lifecycle. Students are required to organise into small teams to execute the new product creation process by integrating knowledge and skills across marketing and technology fields.

1 Nov 2014

Information Seminar on Postgraduate Studies 2014

Information Seminar on Postgraduate Studies will be held on 1 Nov 2014 at 2:30pm – 4:30 pm at LT-B, HKUST. Whether you are a current student or recent graduate, come along to find out how HKUST can escalate your learning to the next level.

14 Jul 2014



24 Feb 2014

2014 IPO Majors Week

2014 IPO Majors Week will be held on 24 -28 Feb 2015 for introducing interdisciplinary undergraduate programs offered by IPO. IPO staff and current IPO students will answer your enquiries and share their experience with you at the booths. You can also meet the Program Director / UG Program Coordinators by joining the Program Talks. Do come and talk with us!