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17 Dec 2018

Dualers V.S. Wild– T&M-DDP Survival Camp 2018


At the beginning of every academic year, Dual Degree Program in Technology & Management (T&M-DDP) holds a survival camp for its new students admitted from JUPAS, direct entry and major selection to improve their leadership skills by completing various tasks at the wilderness. This year, nearly 50 students, divided in two groups, made great accomplishment in the two survival camps held on 7-9 and 28-30 September 2018 at Sai Wan, Sai Kung, respectively.

The training allows students to explore personal development and leadership skills. During the camp, they were required to work in groups to experience the role of leader and follower. They bonded closely with each other by building trust, sense of belonging and unity at the start of fall term. Students were consistently encouraged to step out of their comfort zone to complete many tasks in the wild like sea kayaking, canyoning, surfing etc. By overcoming challenges, they learn to give, receive and critically assess constructive feedback; built self-confidence, particularly in new or unfamiliar settings; and were able to utilize critics and reflection to build higher performing groups.

  • Listening to instructions and reminders is important to survive in the wilderness

  • Students were divided in teams to complete different tasks

  • Students were divided in teams to complete different tasks

  • A first taste of canyoning

  • Students were required to save the dummy teammate from water

  • Conquer the nature to build confidence

  • Rewarding view after exhausting hike in nature

  • It always takes courage to leap the first step out of comfort zone

  • Dualers survived on 7-9 September 2018

  • Dualers survived on 28-30 September 2018