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21 Jan 2019

“Growth Hacking for Gillette” – Corporate Project Sponsored by Proctor & Gamble Hong Kong Household Brands Executive


TEMG4950 Corporate Project is supported by corporate sponsors to provide students with hands-on experience in solving complex real business problems and polish their advanced skills in design thinking, structured problem solving used by consultants and effective executive communication.

In 2018 Fall term’s Corporate Project, students were asked to deliver recommendations for growth of Gillette, a shaving product brand under P&G Hong Kong & Taiwan (P&G), and its related wet shaving products by growth hacking techniques under the backdrop of continuous revenue decline for the previous 3-years.  Sponsor supplied students with budget to gain hands-on experience with growth hacking techniques like online marketing through social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Students also learned about how to select and work with 50 Hong Kong based micro Key Opinion Leaders.

The final presentation was held on 5 December 2018 for student to present their recommendations to the judging panel consisted of management team from P&G Household brands executive, P&G digital marketing, Gillette brand managers and EY Advisory Services. 

The wining team consisted of 4 students, including Kevin HALIM (T&M-DDP), Cynthia HUI (GBUS), Harshit SANEJA (MKTG) and Frank WANG (T&M-DDP) proposed brand extension strategies, brand positioning strategies and new market segment targeting strategies.  Tactical execution included use of social media, KOL’s and collection of user data for customer retention.        

  • Students presented their ideas to the judging panel

  • Judges from management of P&G, Gillette and EY Advisory Services asked follow-up questions

  • Judges gave comment to each team

  • The winning team