Our life at IPO

Project X at HKUST

Project X (previously named SolveforX) was born out of Google[X] in 2012 with the mission to create a global ecosystem of Moonshots and support innovators to bring their Moonshots to life. A Moonshot solves a huge problem that impacts millions of lives using a radical solution with innovation business model, and incorporates breakthrough science and technology. Some famous Moonshot projects include Self-Driving Car and Project Loon for balloon-powered internet. Since Google’s reorganization into Alphabet Inc., Project X team has been put under Alphabet company X with the mission of working with selected research universities and laboratories around the world in search of high potential moonshots to repeat past successes like Google Lens and Car which came out of collaboration with universities in North America.

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is one of the few research universities which have been selected to work with Project X. Our track record includes 2 Moonshots selected for further investigation by X project teams in Mountain View team.  These projects were Prof. Michael Sung’s “Mass-Volume Graphene Production Using Waste Carbon Emission Harvesting to Enable EV Battery Technologies” in 2015, and Prof. Fei Sung’s “Marine Microalgae for Oceanic Uranium Enrichment” in 2016.

April 2017

HKUST has invited innovators from different fields to submit moonshot proposals and received many innovative projects in the areas of Biotechnology, Neuroscience, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering , Aero/astrospace engineering, Robotics etc.. Selected projects will be granted with various collaboration opportunities with the Team X including incubation in Mountain View in the US, licensing, joint development agreements, acquisition among others.