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US-China summit in Alaska shows road to fighting climate change is paved with political minefields
An article by Division of Environment and Sustainability Chief Development Strategist Prof. Christine LOH on how the US and China can work together to combat climate change.
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Population ages amid COVID-19
Prof. Stuart GIETEL-BASTEN from Division of Public Policy said in an article on ageing population that Hong Kong’s married adults have intergenerational obligations - which are mentally, physically and financially taxing, and these responsibilities dissuades young people from getting married.
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A post-COVID-19 green stimulus for Philippines
An article by Division of Environment and Sustainability Assistant Prof. Laurence DELINA on how the Filipino government should turn the country’s economy into a green one riding on the post-COVID-19 economic recovery to create more jobs and a sustainable future.
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Face Masks Reduce Intake of Cancer Causing Chemicals
A research team led by Division of Environment and Sustainability Prof. Jianzhen YU and Assoc. Prof. Wan CHAN has recently proved that wearing surgical masks not only reduces the risk of coronavirus infection, but also effective in blocking airborne carcinogens, reducing cancer risks such as lung cancer and leukemia.
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Why hasn’t Hong Kong updated its antiquated property title system yet?
Prof. HUI Kai-Lung, Co-director of Dual Degree Program in Technology & Management co-wrote an article on Hong Kong’s system of land and property titles.
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PRAISE-HK Helps to Identify Polluted Spots For Students
Using the data provided by PRAISE-HK – a mobile app developed by HKUST scholars that offers real-time personalized statistics on individuals’ exposure to air pollutants, Clean Air Network has identified 50 more polluted spots where students usually gather. The NGO also found that half of the ten locations in Tuen Mun with the highest nitrogen dioxide concentration, are bus stops.
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How do we protect our personal data in the tech era?
Prof. HUI Kai-Lung, Co-director from Dual Degree Program in Technology & Management wrote an article on protection of personal data in the tech era.
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Whispering a fond adieu
In an article on the possible brain drain that Hong Kong may face after the social unrest and the COVID-19 pandemic, Division of Public Policy Prof. Stuart GIETEL-BASTEN said that sourcing talent from outside Hong Kong helps mitigate the talent deficit. He said a more sustainable answer is to train people locally and incentivize local graduates to work in less popular areas where they're desperately needed.
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Decline in South Korea's Population Growth
Prof. Stuart GIETEL-BASTEN from Division of Public Policy commented in an article on South Korea’s population change, saying the low birth rate has led to a decline in population growth and insufficient labor force, and may impact the country’s economic development. (Sina)
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Hong Kong’s axing from Heritage Foundation’s Economic Freedom rankings a gift that will keep on giving
An article co-written by Division of Public Policy Senior Lecturer Prof. Donald LOW on how Hong Kong should remake its economy and find a better balance state and markets, after its exclusion from the Index of Economic Freedom.