ESPM Alumnus Donald LAI Fighting COVID-19 by Developing Antimicrobial Coating
Mr. Donald LAI, an alumnus of MPhil in Environmental Science, Policy and Management (ESPM), shared his journey of becoming a local scientist in Hong Kong at Hong Kong Economic Journal. (Subscription Required)
// 香港地缺乏科研人才……真是香港出世、長大,再由本地學校培育出來的科學家,鳳毛麟角。
「普遍香港學生為了考高分而讀書,死記爛背,補習狂操past paper,導致培養不到對未來的啟發,間接對本地科研造成障礙。」100%土炮黎裕德(Donald)不僅是少數的例外,現在也為對抗新冠肺炎而出心出力。新冠肺炎第三波肆虐香江,人人自恐,各公司都想盡辦法潔淨工作環境,務求讓打工仔做得安心,故此身為科學家的黎裕德,連月來要四出奔波,有時留在實驗室的時間比留在辦公室的時間更少……他在碩士畢業後成為捷和實業的項目工程師,並在公司支援下留在母校香港科技大學的實驗室,延續科研夢,其有份參與的智能抗菌塗層技術Germagic更在疫境下炙手可熱。// (節錄)
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Do We Still Work From Home Under Typhoon Signal No.8?
Prof. Kai Lung HUI, Co-Director of Dual Degree Program, wrote an article discussing whether employees should work from home when the typhoon no. 8 signal is hoisted. Under the pandemic, home office became a new normal for many people. Therefore, relevant government departments, employers and employees, as well as the general public, must come together and discuss so as to reach a common consensus.
HKUST to Launch Hong Kong’s Largest Solar Energy Project
HKUST launches HK’s largest solar power system which involves the installation of up to 8,000 solar panels at over 50 locations on campus. The system will generate 3 million units (kWh) of electricity and help reduce 1.5 million kg of carbon emission each year, bringing an income of around HK$160 million out of CLP's FiT scheme over the next 13 years.
Antimicrobial Coating Ready to Enter Filipino Market
The antimicrobial coating Germagic developed by a research team led by ENVR Prof. YEUNG King-Lun and ENVR Adjunct Prof. Joseph KWAN, is ready to introduce its technology to the Philippines.
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Why The Government Failed to Pass the Hong Kong Waste Charging Bill?
Prof. Christine LOH, Chief Development Strategist of Division of Environment & Sustainability (ENVR) commented in an article on US’s pandemic situation, saying US government’s anti-pandemic measures are seriously lagging behind those rolled out by Asian counterparts.
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Ambiguous Future for US-China Trade Talks as Election Approaches
Regarding the delayed US-China trade talks that from an economic perspective, Prof. Albert PARK, Professor of Division of Public Policy, said that the trade war should have receded by now, however, political calculation overrode economy consideration and will sustain US’s continuous attack on China in the short term.
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Antimicrobial Polymer (MAP-1) Coating Brings Consumers Safer Shopping Experience
The Multilevel Antimicrobial Polymer (MAP-1) coating developed by Prof. King Lun YEUNG and Prof. Joseph KWAN of the Division of Environment and Sustainability is being widely used at thousands of retail shops in Hong Kong so that consumers can feel safer while they shop.
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The Future Prospect on US-China Trade War
Prof. Albert PARK, Professor of Division of Public Policy, shared his thoughts on the US-China Trade that a successful trade agreement with China can support the shaky US economy, and may soften the US government’s anti-China stance.
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Hong Kong third wave: bravery and innovation will guide the city through the Covid-19 storm
Prof. Christine LOH, Chief Development Strategist of Division of Environment and Sustainability (ENVR) shared her opinions on Hong Kong’s third wave of the pandemic and the city’s situation amid the tension between China and the US, in which she praised Hong Kong has distinguished examples of bravery and ingenuity in fighting Covid-19 and believed those can guide the city through the storm.
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China Will Not Succumb to the US
Comparing US actions against China and the country’s strategy against Japan in the 80s, PPOL Prof. Edwin LAI said the fact that China is less dependent to the US than Japan 30 years ago makes China less likely to succumb to the US like Japan did.