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Antimicrobial Polymer (MAP-1) Coating Brings Consumers Safer Shopping Experience
The Multilevel Antimicrobial Polymer (MAP-1) coating developed by Prof. King Lun YEUNG and Prof. Joseph KWAN of the Division of Environment and Sustainability is being widely used at thousands of retail shops in Hong Kong so that consumers can feel safer while they shop.
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The Future Prospect on US-China Trade War
Prof. Albert PARK, Professor of Division of Public Policy, shared his thoughts on the US-China Trade that a successful trade agreement with China can support the shaky US economy, and may soften the US government’s anti-China stance.
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Hong Kong third wave: bravery and innovation will guide the city through the Covid-19 storm
Prof. Christine LOH, Chief Development Strategist of Division of Environment and Sustainability (ENVR) shared her opinions on Hong Kong’s third wave of the pandemic and the city’s situation amid the tension between China and the US, in which she praised Hong Kong has distinguished examples of bravery and ingenuity in fighting Covid-19 and believed those can guide the city through the storm.
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China Will Not Succumb to the US
Comparing US actions against China and the country’s strategy against Japan in the 80s, PPOL Prof. Edwin LAI said the fact that China is less dependent to the US than Japan 30 years ago makes China less likely to succumb to the US like Japan did.
HK versus Los Angeles: A tale of two cities amid COVID-19
This is co-written by Chief Development Strategist of Division of Environment and Sustainability Prof. Christine LOH comparing Los Angeles, US, and Hong Kong’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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In Singapore, an Orderly Election and a (Somewhat) Surprising Results
Prof. Donald LOW, Professor of Practice of Division of Public Policy (PPOL) shared his thoughts on Singapore’s 2020 General Election, saying young voters in the county want to see more opposition parties present in Parliament.
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Clean, Compact, Connect cities
Prof. Ye QI , Director of Institute for Public Policy (IPP) shared his insights about China’s urbanization agenda in a co-written article.
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Hong Kong Should Leverage COVID-19 Pandemic for Economic Transformation
Dr. CoCo DU, Research Associate of Division of Public Policy (PPOL) shared her thoughts on how HK can leverage on the opportunities posed by the COVID-19 pandemic to transform into a greener economy.
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Young Generation Told to Look For Opportunities Beyond Hong Kong
Prof. Christine LOH,Chief Development Strategist of Division of Environment and Sustainability (ENVR) shared her thoughts that HK’s young people should set their sights on opportunities on mainland, in particular the Bay Area, which shall be one of the few areas to see growth this year.